Wanna Get Laid? Play The Guitar!

Wanna Get Laid? Play The Guitar! Keith Richards. Mick Mars. Angus Young. What do they all have in common? 1. They aren’t exactly the definition of a catalogue model. 2. They get a lot more pussy than pretty much any normal guy, regardless of how good looking they are. 3. They are all guitarists. Even […]


Play Like… Jimmy Page

Play Like… Jimmy Page Before we get into our tutorial of how to play like Jimmy Page, here’s a little history lesson to set the scene… The New Yardbirds When Jimmy Page recruited the relatively unknown Robert Plant and John Bonham to join himself and fellow London session musician, John Paul Jones, as members of […]


Amp Simulators – Is There Any Point?

Amp Simulators – Is There Any Point? If we were to believe the spiel we read from companies like Line 6, Native Instruments and IK Multimedia, we would think that finding and building our dream backline is about as easy as finding a prostitute in Amsterdam or a “Ping-Pong show” in Thailand (if you catch […]


KLD Guitar MC36HM Amp Review

KLD Guitar MC36HM Amp Review You may not be too familiar with the Company KLD Guitar, but if this product is anything to go by it won’t be too long before they are gracing many more stages around the world. The company was set up in 2002 and prides itself on its technical knowledge, high […]


Phil Braithwaite Interview

Phil Braithwaite Interview Phil Braithwaite is one of the UK’s busiest guitarists. Not only has he released two brilliant guitar tuition books, he has also graced the stage with violin virtuoso Vanessa Mae and former Westlife star, Shane Filan. Phil was also one of the performers at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee bash in 2012. As […]

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