Is The Guitar Solo Dead?

Is The Guitar Solo Dead? In a recent interview KISS bassist and serial shagger Gene Simmons recently claimed that Rock is dead. This sparked a row in the rock and metal community, with Dave Grohl and Nikki Sixx proudly stating that rock is alive and well. But does Mr Simmons have a point? Is the […]


Wanna Get Laid? Play The Guitar!

Wanna Get Laid? Play The Guitar! Keith Richards. Mick Mars. Angus Young. What do they all have in common? 1. They aren’t exactly the definition of a catalogue model. 2. They get a lot more pussy than pretty much any normal guy, regardless of how good looking they are. 3. They are all guitarists. Even […]


Amp Simulators – Is There Any Point?

Amp Simulators – Is There Any Point? If we were to believe the spiel we read from companies like Line 6, Native Instruments and IK Multimedia, we would think that finding and building our dream backline is about as easy as finding a prostitute in Amsterdam or a “Ping-Pong show” in Thailand (if you catch […]

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