Richie Sambora Interview

Richie Sambora Interview GuitarKing were recently fortunate enough to be granted an exclusive interview with the legend that is Richie Sambora. And who better to interview him than resident Sambora expert and lead guitarist of Bon Jovi tribute band Wrong Jovi – Mark Harding! With studio sessions looming for his upcoming album with guitar prodigy […]


Is The Guitar Solo Dead?

Is The Guitar Solo Dead? In a recent interview KISS bassist and serial shagger Gene Simmons recently claimed that Rock is dead. This sparked a row in the rock and metal community, with Dave Grohl and Nikki Sixx proudly stating that rock is alive and well. But does Mr Simmons have a point? Is the […]


Play Like… Richie Sambora

Play Like… Richie Sambora In this tutorial, Mark Harding shows you the key tricks and techniques required to play like Bon Jovi guitarist and rock guitar legend, Richie Sambora. Warning: this article will have middle-aged women around the world queuing up to lay their hands on you! But first, let’s take a step back in […]


The Best Online Guitar Lessons (Paid Membership)

The Best Online Guitar Lessons (Paid Membership) If you’re new to playing the guitar or just starting to take it seriously, the chances are that you have considered getting some form of guitar tuition. The great thing about learning guitar nowadays is that you no longer have to leave your house to receive great guitar lessons. […]


Terry Emm Interview

Terry Emm Interview Learning how to sweep pick sextuplets at 180bpm is all well and good, but what good would that be to you if you didn’t have a song to put it in? In fact, if you want to make money these days you may have to put the electric guitar down all together. […]

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